San Francisco Banjo Band

2016 Band Members

2016 San Francisco Banjo Band
Front Row - Terry Horner, Dee McGuigan, Jack Starr, Don Nasser, Bill Portman, Bob Smith, Jack Burrous, Robin Montoya, Andrea Bushnell, Liz Allan, Bob Silva
Back Row - Fred Thompson, John Cooney, Tedi Ukrowczik, Gary Dale, Ed Guiterrez, Dave Adams, Rohland Vigil, Jordon Bloom, Doug Simon, Mike Heart

Recent Press!
The San Francisco Banjo Band is in its 47th year of entertaining the Bay Area. The Band was founded by two exceptional banjo players, Ray Bell and Phil Smith. Not only did they entertain with music, Ray, an accomplished magician, would amaze the audience by performing his magic tricks. They played every Friday night at Molloy's Tavern in Colma. The band continues to play at Molloy's Tavern the first Saturday of each month from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, with no cover charge.

Thanks to the founding members, the San Francisco Banjo Band continues their legacy and has played at Convention Centers, Stage shows, Political events, the San Francisco Giants, Senior centers, good time sing-alongs and many other types of events.

Current membership is not limited to banjos. The band is proud to have trombone, trumpet, accordion, and mandolin players, and not to forget, our accomplished gutbucket/washboard virtuoso!

If you are interested in:

  • Learning how to play the banjo
  • Playing music in a band setting

If you can:

  • Play the Zither, or Hurdy Gurdy
  • Tap Dance and Juggle at the same time

If you want to:

  • Book an event

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Kings Bowl, Millbrae -- Circa 1990